Patch für Arcania - Gothic4 erschienen
Geschrieben von: CKomet   
Mittwoch, den 24. November 2010 um 08:07 Uhr

Gestern kam der lang erwartetet patch für Arcania - Gothic 4 endlich raus. er behebt folgende Dinge:

FIXED: Interruption of interactions with sword strikes
FIXED: Acknowledgements playback after loading a savegame
FIXED: Jump interrupted by FMV freezed character
FIXED: Cool down in the inventory screen
FIXED: Reduced ocean clipping problem for Stereoscopic 3D
FIXED: Arrows stick on already disintegrated Demon
FIXED: Stamina consumption while sprinting with equipped spells added
FIXED: SLI issues & optimizations
FIXED: Crash on vista machines when starting the game on the second adapter while the first adapter was disabled
FIXED: Stereoscopic 3D can be deactivated from the NVIDIA control panel before launching game
FIXED: Pickable item restoration
FIXED: Multiple CPU profiles in process manager
FIXED: Clouds use dynamic vertex buffer for frequent locking
FIXED: Performance problem with terrain tile generation
FIXED: Performance bug in trails
FIXED: Rare crash when arrows stuck in players vanished
FIXED: Additional unnecessary loading screen when using a teleport stone-need

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